Sandra Llusà

Stop, observe, make.

I make jewelry for women who connect with their intimate side. I try to capture the beauty of silence and organic forms in nature to create meaningful pieces of jewelry. My jewelry is delicately handmade and with great patience and time. They are created with great care so that they will last a lifetime.

Each piece captures a fleeting moment, in turn making these instances eternal. I live the same way I make my jewelry. I enjoy moving through the world with care, taking note of the little things and taking time to enjoy them, loving the details, the little things that are there waiting to be discovered that tend to go unnoticed.

Behind each jewel there is an imperceptible moment that I wished to capture and create in a new form. A spark of light that stopped me in my tracks, the moments where we catch breath in this frantic world.

My work makes me happy through the beauty of the materials, the careful making process and the challenge of capturing the beauty in a world that passes at another pace without us noticing.

Group shows

“Gogoismes.2” Amaranto joies, Barcelona, Spain
“Sinergia” Haimney Gallery, Barcelona, Spain
“7 Cats, 1 life” Pavesi Caffé, Munich, Germany

“6 Dialects, 1 word” Espai cultural EINA Barra de ferro, Barcelona, Spain
“7 Dialects, 1 word” Store and Studio, Munich, Germany
“Sin Medida” Galería Lalabeyou, Madrid, Spain

“Holy Tools!” La joaillerie par Mazlo, Paris, France
“Sense Mesura – Beyond Measure” Tal 20 Gallery, Munich, Germany

“Sense Mesura” Siesta, art i objectes Gallery, Barcelona, Spain

“Creative Raval” MACBA Store Laie, Barcelona, Spain
“SILENCE PLEASE! Works without words,Silent jewellery” Galerie Noel Guyomarc’h, Montreal, Canada
“Clavant la llengua”, Konvent, Cal Rosal, Berga, Spain
“Clavant la llengua”, Sala Perill, Barcelona, Spain
“En Tránsito”, Instituto Cervantes, Munich, Germany

“Joies Mínimes”, Galeria Context, Sant Cugat del Vallès, Barcelona, Spain
“Lo Salvaje”, Sala Perill, Barcelona, Spain
“Amalgama”, InGallery, Barcelona, Spain
“Menju dos gatos con frag”, Melting Point Valencia 2014, Taller de Pepe March, València, Spain
“Melting point Valencia 2014”, Museo Nacional de Cerámica González Martí, València, Spain
“Triple Mortal”, la Capella, Barcelona, Spain

“Enmarcado” en Amaranto joies, Barcelona, Spain
“Annual Marzee Selection of Graduate Work Jewelry 2013 from International
“Academies and Colleges”, Marzee Gallery, Nijmegen, Netherlands
“Serraduy 2012, jornades de joieria i naturalesa”, Escola Massana, Barcelona, Spain
“Conspiración”, Instituto Cervantes, Munich, Germany

“7 Pecats Capitals”, La Capella, Barcelona, Spain


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“Triple Mortal” Catalogue, Barcelona, 02/2014
“International Graduate Show2013”, Marzee Magazine #89, Nijmegen,08/2013


Premio Extraordinario Escola Massana for the Final Project of Artistic Jewelry


Since 2014 she is a member of Quars d’una collective next to Carla Garcia, Clara Niubò and Maria Diez.